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Multifunction LAN Communication

Currently (6/13/94) this page contains links to gif images of some charts that were presented at the MI-7 (Ultra High-Speed LAN Technologies) session at Networld+InterOp in Berlin June 6-10, 1994. A couple of additional charts are included here and a couple of charts were left out (due to technical difficulties - i.e. only hardcopy available). Also there are some formating problems that I hope to clean up.


  1. Title chart
  2. Conflicting LAN cultures
  3. Fibre Channel Overview
  4. Fibre Channel - Internal Switching View
  5. Simultaneous Fibre Channel connections
  6. File Server (e.g. NFS-3) Model
  7. Third Party Transfer Model
  8. The LLNL National Storage Laboratory
  9. The LLNL Scalable I/O Project
  10. Migration through the Storage Hierarchy
  11. Dataquest: Hot Profits in Fibre Channel
  12. Scalable Coherent Interface Overview
  13. SCI - Request <-> Responce Protocol
  14. SCI Application Model
  15. The Livermore Model
  16. Gigabit Network View from LLNL
  17. Optical fiber capacity
  18. LLNL Vew of future networks

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