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James E. (Jed) Donnelley

Proprietor, Webstart Communications, Software Engineer at Guidewire Software


  Webstart Day/Voicemail: (510) 548-4590
  Evening: (510) 644-3828

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Since you are likely coming in from the Web, you might be interested in some of the Web pages that I have developed and/or support:

There is a systems administration oriented resume (July 2015) here (PDF format). There is also a more detailed experience oriented but dated resume here (text).

If you would like to know more about me personally, feel free to link to my personal page. I also sporadically update sort of a running Christmas letter/"house page" that has pictures, family updates, etc. From more recent times there's professional content for me at LinkedIn and personal content about me on Facebook. You are also welcome to consider the brief summary of my work experience below:

Jed received bachelors degrees in Physics and Mathematics (1970) and a masters degree in Mathematics (1972) from the University of California's Davis campus. During much of his early professional career he was involved in research and advanced development on computers and computer networks at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Mr. Donnelley was the technical liaison for LLNL's ARPA network node (1973-1977) and a member of a team that implemented the ARPA network protocol suite at LLNL (RISOS - Research Into the Security of Operating Systems). During this time he published this ARPANet RFC. He was principle investigator for a Department of Transportation project that developed integrated techniques to access distributed databases (1977-1978). Jed lead the Local Network Research Project at LLNL where he did discrete event simulation studies of advanced network architectures (1978-1981). Between 1980 and 1988 Mr. Donnelley lead a group that implemented a microkernel operating system (NLTSS - Wikipedia entry) which supported the scientific applications that ran on the supercomputers in the Livermore Computer Center until 1994. He also worked recently (1990-1994) as a staff member and gigabit testbed manager in the Advanced Telecommunications Program at LLNL where he worked with high speed communication technologies such as Fibre Channel, ATM, HIPPI, Sonet, Scalable Coherent Interface, and optical Wave length Division Multiplexing (WDM). Between April 1994 and April 1995, while on a professional research leave from LLNL, Jed worked in the Communication Systems and BelWŁ Development group in the Regional Computer Center at the University of Stuttgart on advanced networking technologies. Jed also worked for a time in the Engineering Record Center at LLNL providing Web access to a database of engineering drawings.

Here is a transcript of an interview of Jed about his work at LLNL.

Between December 1997 and Janurary 2003 Jed worked in the NERSC User Services Group as the Webmaster for the NERSC Web site. Between Janurary 2003 and July 2008 Jed worked as a staff computer scientist in the Networking, Security, Workstations and Servers Group in NERSC at Berkeley Lab. Since September 2008 Jed has worked for the MyPoints division of United Online, first as a contractor and then from May 2009 until April 2014 as a Senior Systems and Network Administrator. In August 2014 Jed began working as a systems adminstrator for Guidewire software as a contractor from Taos. Since September 2015 Jed has been a Software Engineer for Guidewire Software.

Jed is the proprietor of Webstart Communications, a small business/hobby developing Web content and selling advertising on the Internet.

In addition to his work in government, industry, and in private business, Mr. Donnelley has taught courses on computer networking and computer systems around the world, has served as an expert witness on computer related matters, and has provided independent consulting services for numerous high technology companies.

List of publications - some of these can be read directly from the WWW.

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