Trans-Ashby Committee for Traffic Calming (TACTC)

This Web site focuses on the issues of traffic "calming" and traffic safety for the area bordering Ashby Avenue near College in Berkeley California. This area is particularly impacted by traffic issues because of common congestion on Ashby Avenue (Highway 13). The congestion often causes accidents along Ashby (e.g. due to cross traffic) and often spills into neighborhood streets that are not intended as arterials.

This Web content will continue to be dynamically updated as neighborhood interest in this topic continues and work is done to address these traffic problems. As currently structured the site is divided up into sections, some reporting on meetings and some focusing on background information or related research.

There is also a moderated email list associated with our traffic calming activities. If you would like to be added to the list, please send an email message to

(2/25/02)Broken promises and nonfeasance - a message concerning the eleventh hour breaking of promises concerning the implementation of trial measures to address the accident situation at Ashby and Benvenue. Here are responses that have been received in chronological order, labeled with brief overviews (please read the text for the author's words):

  1. Joanna Levine: Why the threats?
  2. Rafael Freedmann: Let's consider citizen action
  3. Ignacio Dayrit: Cross neighborhood issues, something must be done
  4. Mary Engle: No issue with right turn at Benvenue, hope for Peter Hillier
  5. Howard Rosenberg: Notes and discussion from the Traffic Commission meeting
I am also building up a Web page with notes, answers, clarifications, etc. as I see them to various issues raised in the responces (above) in these:
response notes.

(1/28/02)Berkeley Daily Planet article about the new Berkeley Traffic "Czar" - Peter Hillier. Certainly somebody to consider regarding Berkeley traffic issues.

(1/18/02) letter to the editor of the Berkeley Daily Planet, by Paul Tuleja about another accident at the corner of Benvenue and Ashby and some about the latest task force meeting.

(1/14/02): It looks like we may get at least some temporary measures put in at Benvenue and Ashby. There have been a number of recent meetings on this topic. The latest favored approach seems to be putting in median mechanisms to force right turns on Benvenue north and south at Ashby (e.g. as below noted as Proposed safety option No. 3) and more fully discussed in the meeting notes from the 1/14/02 task force meeting.

Historical Notes - going further back in time than the above.

Meeting notes:

  1. Information/thoughts from the fifth meeting of the Willard/Bateman traffic task force - 1/14/02 - specifically with regard to the trial placement of right turn only treatments.
  2. Notes from the August 22, 2000 traffic meeting (following the completion of the College Avenue paving project).
  3. Notes from the third, July 29, 1999 meeting, as taken by Jed Donnelley.
  4. Notes from the second, June 23, 1999 meeting, as taken by Marty Barclay.
  5. Notes from the first, June 16, 1999 meeting, as taken by Jed Donnelley.

Background information/research/documentation:

  1. Contact information for some officials, etc.
  2. A Reference section, initial research by Sedge Thompson, descriptions by Jed Donnelley.
  3. Some Maps for general interest and to experiment with, initial contributions by Marty Barclay, scanned by Jed Donnelley.
  4. Collision diagram data for the 1/1/97 to 12/31/2000 period for the intersections of
    1. Benvenue and Ashby,
    2. Hillegass and Ashby,
    3. Regent and Ashby
  5. Diagrams of various safety options proposed for Benvenue and Ashby:
    1. Full barrier on Benvenue north.
    2. Partial barrier on Benvenue north
    3. Forced right turns on Benvenue north/south
    4. Median barrier on Ashby at Benvenue
    5. Partial barriers on Benvenue north and south
  6. Draft Petition for traffic calming by mid-block bollards.

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