Retired links to "link" pages ( Intro). Last updated 8/3/2014 (previously: 9/21/94):

  1. MetaCrawler
  2. Altavista
  3. InfoSeek
  4. WebCrawler
  5. Lycos
  6. More
  7. Engines
  8. The MegaList WWW List includes searching.
  9. W3 Catalog US mirror - includes numerous popular indixes.
  10. MegaWeb new (7/95) subject listing from America Online. Not up to Yahoo std.s (yet).
  11. Web Crawler nice and pretty complete Web searching of pages (not just URLs or titles)
  12. W3 search engines from Ericsson
  13. WWW spiders, robots, etc. from
  14. Web Subject Catalogue from the W3 Consortium.
  15. U.S. Government Resources from UIUC.
  16. Jumpstation One of the best WWW worms I have found.
  17. EINet "Galaxy" Guide to information services.
  18. By John December Computer-Mediated Communication list and Internet Web Text Great(!) resources.
  19. Power Index from Web Communications, pretty deep.
  20. Schools list from the Dept. of Ed. Includes links to university and k-12 lists.
  21. Science on the Internet from the U.S. Geological Survey.
  22. Special Internet Connections list by Scott Yanoff - quite large, somewhat eclectic, from U. of Wisconsin.
  23. Global Network Navigator (GNN)
  24. World Map An exciting way to explore the world. A "must see". Stuttgart/Livermore copy 9/15/94.
  25. Useful WWW resource list from Nasa
  26. "Comprehensive" list of Web servers 13,501 entries (Feb. 12, '95) - local copy (new version) - from MIT/netgen.
  27. SG-Scout another pretty good (7,250) Web page collector/collection.
  28. WWW.*.COM list from IBM, Zurich - local copy, 1/22/96.
  29. "Awesome List" not really that awesome as of 8/1/94.
  30. LLNL "List of lists" points to more things than just other lists
  31. Yahoo extensive! list from Stanford, now commercial.
  32. And the "self service" lists (is this a competition?):
  33. American Universities from University of Florida
  34. College and Universities (hundreds) international from MIT
  35. Cal Tech hot list Compact and pretty rich.
  36. Yale Web Top Good effort to get at things.
  37. W3 catalog from CUI, University of Geneva.
  38. Internet Resources Metamap Interesting approach.
  39. NCSA's starting points for Internet exploration
  40. Geographical list of WWW servers. Copy from 3/2/94 maintained at LLNL for quick access.
  41. Geographical list of WWW servers from the W3 Consortium.
  42. Berkeley "Subway" to interesting stuff. Worth a look. Check out EXPO!
  43. Archie servers
  44. Points of interest from CMU
  45. University of Minnesota Gopher server

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