Retired generally interesting links ( Intro). Last updated April 24, 2012:

These links have been "retired" or "archived" from the link page:

  1. University of California Continuing Education
  2. Microsoft Live "Activating the Internet" - movie theater experience.
  3. California - Virtual Tourist
  4. The Boston Review A left Center of Gravity Magazine of Ideas.
  5. California Home Page from the California State Government.
  6. The Good, the Bad, and the Internet Conference in Chicago with an online element.
  7. Walls'96 Bill Gate's house - from Dan McFadden (70k hits per day at one point).
  8. Sample Digital Images from Kodak.
  9. Scout Report from the Internic - best new Internet resources.
  10. Stop Nuclear Tests! from Japan - reaction to proposed renewed French testing - petition.
  11. National Information Infrastructure (NII) Awards
  12. Center For Democracy and Technology (CDT) liberation of computer and communications technologies.
  13. x-ATM HOME PAGE information about the x-ATM toolkit from UIUC.
  14. Nomadic Research Labs eclectic info from Steve Roberts who travels in interesting ways
  15. PGP Public Key Server somewhat experimental, but what the heck! From MIT.
  16. Project Mercury a robotic tele-excavation project - go to the Observation Area to OPERATE THE ARM!
  17. Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter - Still updating as of 3/96! almost weekly - good stuff if you are interested in the scientific fallout from this comet impact! Still there 1/97.
  18. California WWW Servers Maintained by Sam Coleman from LLNL.
  19. WWW T-shirt Get yours now!
  20. Yet another WWW T-shirt, (not as nice in my opinion)
  21. and Anti-Clipper T-shirt and In Defense of Freedom
  22. MacIntosh Tidbits Seems valuable for Mac watchers!
  23. Views of the Solar System educational tour from Los Alamos.
  24. ATM Document collection local interest for Cambridge, but has interesting Glossary.
  25. Betsi software source validation using PGP, from Bellcore.
  26. Whitehouse, The Talk to Bill and Al, see pictures (like Bill with JFK), ...
  27. Internet Movie Database US site (formerly Cardiff).
  28. Web scripts from Cal Tech
  29. Transparent Gif info page
  30. Guide to Network Resource Tools from EARN (European research).
  31. WWW and HTML Developers page
  32. Internet Guide from Steve Franklin.
  33. ArchiePlexForm software search engine.
  34. WWW Collaboration Projects from UIUC.
  35. Netizens personal home pages from GNN.
  36. Business related Web pointers
  37. Reference Library DataBase Human genome date from the U.K.
  38. THE HACKER CRACKDOWN an electronic book from Bruce Sterling (also available in paperback).
  39. Web Exhibitions and Images (some important ones missing).
  40. Third International World-Wide Web Conference, Darmstadt, Germany.
  41. NASA - JSC Digital Image Collection All NASA press release images - Apollo, Shuttle, etc.
  42. Federally-Funded Research in the U.S.
  43. W3Kit - WWW tools from the U. of Minnesota.
  44. Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
  45. NewsFirst Telecom The Insight Telecommunications E-Journal.
  46. CMP publications page - pretty amazing...
  47. SlipKnot Web access (graphical) through a terminal line.
  48. Cyberpreneurs Guide to the Internet guide for Internet Entrepreneurs.
  49. MultiCast Mosaic for chart presentations, Inria, France.
  50. Harvest Internet Information Discovery and Access System.
  51. Hewlett-Packard Journal
  52. Multicasting Report from WWW '94 (Chicago)
  53. Shared Mosaic
  54. Multicast Transport (i.e. reliable) Protocols by Jon Knight, Loughborough University of Technology, UK.
  55. National Address Server claims to match addresses and find zip codes - didn't work for me.
  56. High Performance Distributed Computing '95 conference announcement.
  57. Internet Advertisers Black List also at Usenet.
  58. Hipparch Project related to "ALF" or application level framing.
  59. Massachusetts Executive Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
  60. rem-conf archive.
  61. Morino Institute concerning Public Access Networks (PNAs).
  62. San Jose Mercury News on the Web.
  63. The Geometry Center at University of Minnesota, nice demos.
  64. Internet 25th year anniversary page from Amdahl.
  65. Banned Books On-line.
  66. The Data Text Library of Classic Literature.
  67. Slack Magazine - interesting. Check out the note from the publishers.
  68. Online access to hotels, booking, etc. Hot stuff, it has begun!.
  69. Fractal Music Project
  70. Parallel I/O Archive at Dartmouth.
  71. Stop S. 314 Sign the Petition page.
  72. Job Search and Employment Opportunities: Best Bets from the Net.
  73. Internet Public Library
  74. Mars from NASA.
  75. Caribbean Casino Gambling on Internet
  76. Hospitality Net Hotels and lodging on the WWW.
  77. 5TH-World Index and Amsterdam.
  78. International Teletimes interesting online magazine.
  79. What's an Agent? by Lenny Foner at MIT.
  80. Jane Austen information page, from University of Texas.
  81. Net Day from Mecklermedia.
  82. FaT GiRL the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them.
  83. SkillSearch career networking and database recruiting services.
  84. Southwestern Archaeology "Type Site" American Southwest archaeology.
  85. Cato Institute, the limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and peace.
  86. Guide to Japanese business practices
  87. Photo magazine of Japan
  88. Iowa Electronic Markets betting real money on politics, University of Iowa.
  89. The domicile of a Mr. Sherlock Holmes includes the noncopyrighted stories.
  90. Lojban (formerly "Loglan") a logical language - from University of Helsinki, Finland.
  91. Child Safety on the Information Highway
  92. Cathouse Archives strange and interesting.
  93. Microsoft Internet Central.
  94. CondŽ Nast Traveler Recently updated 9/96.
  95. Rutkowski "Cyberporn" testimony before the US House of Representatives.
  96. Fly With Us! Fly Soviet military jets in the former Soviet Union.
  97. The American Prospect liberal magazine.
  98. Media GuestNet add yourself to the database if you qualify as a "media guest" - you figure.
  99. Japanese Micromachine Center interesting reading about a Japanese Industrial project.
  100. XTide tide prediction program for Unix X-Windows.
  101. Interactive weather map Click on a temperature for local weather (look below the map).
  102. ASIC Magazine Click on some of the gifs outlined in blue.
  103. NCAR Home page
  104. Doctor Fun Humour
  105. The Palo Alto Weekly A newspaper online.
  106. EVL Showcase Applications
  107. Movie Database Browser UK. Best in afternoon.
  108. See if coffee is available Also UK.
  109. Honolulu CC Campus Map and and
  110. Movies Pick a small one!
  111. ESnet WWW servers
  112. NASA info Check out the latest Hubble and Earthquake photos under "Hot Topics".
  113. The English Server Pretty deep...
  114. MTV Just for fun.
  115. Internet Distribution Services Mostly advertising, but interesting.
  116. Japan index Pretty rich, take a look!
  117. City of Palo Alto As seen in the Mercury news 2/11/94. Lots there...
  118. Worldwide WWW map Bid for best of WWW award. Take a look.
  119. U.S. Government Hypertexts Supported by the University of North Carolina.
  120. Movies, movies, movies! Check out some of the larger format versions, e.g.: flowers, bicycle, bus, mobile, and RedsNightmare (3.7 meg, but interesting!). Courtesy of Sunsite at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  121. HPCC National Coordination Office.
  122. SLAC home page Worth a peek.
  123. Yes Rock band Stumbled upon notes from a Yes fanatic.
  124. UIUC Home page Thought Bob Bryant might be interested...
  125. Web Conference Fascinating...
  126. Hewlett Packard Pretty minimal, but HP's first effort. Bagnet notes.
  127. The State of Texas. Check it out. From the "World Map" jumping off point below.
  128. CNAM Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. Check out astronomical pictures.
  129. Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group MIT pages and links for distributed multimedia systems.
  130. Boston University Multimedia Lab Local stuff at BU.
  131. Internet Underground Music Archive As noted in the SF Examiner recently, for example.
  132. Echo Street Santa Cruz "geek" household.
  133. MICE seminars and Media on Demand European multimedia.
  134. Internet Ports of Call A virtual map with points of exploration. New. Check it out!
  135. National Institute of Health
  136. National Library of Medicine
  137. University of California Servers
  138. Smart Valley Public Access Link
  139. The LLNL AIS Home page I recommend taking a look.
  140. Exploratorium Check out their "Digital library" - pictures from inside the exporatorium.
  141. California codes Hypertext links to California law.
  142. UK map A particularly good one. Lots of such maps are becomming available.
  143. Telektronikk magazine Produced in Norway. Amazing amount of U.S. references (e.g. Al Gore).
  144. Internet accessible coke machines Weird! Why would anyone??
  145. Country maps from Europe
  146. InterNIC Worth a look.
  147. Human Computer Interaction Launching page
  148. Information on "UnderWorld" Industries You figure it.
  149. Electronic Journals and Zines What is a "zine"? Find out.
  150. CERL sound group
  151. Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center Georgia Tech
  152. CBC Radio trial Canadian Broadcasting Company
  153. Satellite TV page
  154. Movies and TV
  155. Computers and Academic Freedom Archive
  156. National Library of Australia
  157. Networld+InterOp '94
  158. Enterprise Integration Technologies CommerceNet and other projects.
  159. CommerceNet
  160. Wired Magazine General communications magazine.
  161. Elementary schools on the Web
  162. U.S.G.S. National Earthquake Information Center
  163. German-English and English-German dictionary. Requires forms support.
  164. The Beer Page
  165. MIT Student Newspaper
  166. My favorite links Linux and other stuff...
  167. The Grateful Dead
  168. Kris Chubb An even less professional LLNL bio.
  169. FESSP demo page Also LLNL.
  170. Fantasy baseball
  171. WWW news groupTest! Whether you can take this link depends on how your system is configured.
  172. "Comprehensive" http site list from MIT
  173. ACM Home page
  174. Text to speech translator
  175. U.S. Census Bureau Don't expect to find any census data.
  176. U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office Transcripts of software patents hearings
  177. Stephen King short story Online.
  178. Tomigaya V0.30bTokoyo Net Surfing Association
  179. American Physical Society
  180. European Southern Observatory Space Telescope and European Coordinating Facility
  181. RARE Document store European networking
  182. TrekMUSE Web gateway to StarTrek info
  183. LEGO Information Yes, the toys - from Norway.
  184. Space Astrophysics Lab Ontario, Canada
  185. NIST U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
  186. Roadkills R-Us Humour?
  187. U.S. Dept. of Education
  188. Journalism List from University of Florida
  189. Jed's Stuttgart office - right side 150k gif file.
  190. Jed's Stuttgart office - left side 150k gif file.
  191. Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet from MIT.
  192. Window to Russia
  194. World Cup USA '94 - WWW Server Index, also Germany, Norway, and Japan.
  195. "Patch" American High School, Stuttgart, Germany - includes extensive D-Day info.
  196. NetSurf Beaches from around the world.
  197. Webdog cartoon
  198. David Letterman Home Page Supposed to have lots of neat stuff...
  199. Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County, Ca.
  200. Chernobyl Nuclear Accident information Kurchatov Institute, Moscow
  201. Human Languages Page Willamette University
  202. Internal Auditing WWW Dartmouth College
  203. Internet Poetry Archive Sunsite U. of North Carolina
  204. National Maritime Center the Ocean and maritime industry
  205. University of Tasmania A friend pointed me here...
  206. The Simpsons Archive
  207. Objectivism Home page for the philosophy
  208. Notre Dame "Orange Room" Supposed to have good stuff, haven't checked it out.
  209. WWW Expo Ticket office - from Sunsite at U. of N.C.
  210. LANHAM ACT U.S. law, experimental from Cornell
  211. Soyuz The secret Soviet race toward the moon.
  212. Star Trek resources page
  213. Dow Jones S&P 500, and stock quotes
  214. MIT Stock Market page
  215. Home schooling resource collection
  216. Nanotechnology from Rutgers
  217. Le WebLouvre explore Paris from the Web.
  218. German to English
  219. Business on the Internet from Wayne State
  220. American Physical Society organization home page.
  221. Electronic Art symposium Finland
  222. Care for a fortune new fortune every time
  223. Netsurfer Publishing with their online digest of past issues
  224. The Amazing Fish Cam from Mosaic Communications, check it out!
  225. Ensemble Information Systems, Inc. newspapers to the desktop, Check 'em out!
  226. Gambling page
  227. Flight info page
  228. shopping for the net surfer
  229. Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine Best of the WWW nominees, winners, etc.
  230. Single Image (Random Dot) Stereogram gallery.
  231. Internet Advertising FAQ from the Internet Business Directory
  232. Internet Town Hall
  233. Office of the Secretary of Defense
  234. Rob's Multimedia Lab ACM UIUC
  235. Internet Fax service No claims about whether it works, but it is free...
  236. Images, Icons and Flags
  237. Meta Magazine Html magazine for the Internet community.
  238. Netweek magazine Internet users = world population
  239. gif (from
  240. 3W magazine).
  241. Gate, The SF Chronicle and Examiner online
  242. PC Week network version from Ziff-Davis
  243. Second WWW conference, Chicago, October 17-20.
  244. Library of Congress via the LC MARC database.
  245. Keynote Speech from Networld+Interop 94 Tokyo 27-29 July 1994
  246. Weather page From Harvard and the MIT soaring association
  247. Library of Congress Web server
  248. HTML Primer from O'Reilly
  249. URL primer from O'Reilly
  250. ATM info.
  251. Demographic Data Viewer from CIESIN.
  252. U.S. Gazetteer and the U.S. Census Bureau's edition - searchable U.S. locations with a link to maps.
  253. WWW Viewer Test page from LLNL. Very useful.
  254. Time zone converter - old LLNL copy, World Time Zone Map.
  255. Yahoo Weather (W-US and Loop) - Oakand - forcast (OAK, Oak - myforecast, doppler, Truckee), Lawrence Hall, Video outlook

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