Retired links to Useful General Information pages ( Intro). Last updated December 6, 1996:

  1. The US budget worth a look.
  2. NIC Internet directory, database, registration, and support services.
  3. Montery Bay Tide Information text for 1995 only.
  4. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing quite useful.
  5. Experimental Stock Market Data from MIT - includes performance charts for many stocks.
  6. World Birthday Web (WBW) birthday database - anyone can be listed.
  7. Computer Jargon file Searchable and still being updated (7/95).
  8. Usenet URLs the "Green Eggs" report. Useful automated list - check it out!
  9. Best demo pages from Time Inc., pretty good.
  10. Roget's Thesaurus really, give it a try...
  11. Japanese/English Dictionary "Jeffery's."
  12. International Currency Converter convert any currency to any other.
  13. HTML Document Test page from LLNL. Very useful.
  14. AT&T 800 Directory on the Internet Look up 800 numbers by name or number!.
  15. WWW Information Lot's of useful URLs and an HTML syntax checker!.
  16. Sensitive Map Tutorial from NCSA.
  17. Time zone conversion page no guarantees (e.g. may not deal with daylight savings time)
  18. Internet Fax service Seemed to work even in its "Beta" state (7/10/94). Now 2/96 improved but still free...
  19. WebFaX Retrieval service fetch a Web page from a FAX telephone.
  20. The Periodic Table
  21. Dictionaries various.
  22. Library of Congress (U.S.) Lots (!) of material.
  23. Map Viewer from Xerox PARC - HOT! way to look at the world geographically.
  24. Views of the Solar System educational tour from Los Alamos.
  25. Edupage Newsletter Web page
  26. List of USENET FAQs from Ohio State
  27. ASCII characters to see how they print and to cut and paste.
  28. Current Weather Maps/Movies
  29. NCSA Mosaic and their What's New page, Watch out, it's Busy!
  30. The World Wide Web "WWW" from the W3 Consortium.
  31. HTML starting point (W3 Consortium)
  32. Extremely brief HTML Overview Sante Fe.
  33. Image Map Tutorial from NCSA.
  34. Guide to the WWW Nice! Long! Worth a look. Somewhat dated.
  35. WWW Guide new from EIT and Kevin Hughes (same author as above).
  36. Bay Area Transit Information
  37. PGP Pretty Good Privacy home page.
  38. Useful MBONE information, the JIPS Mbone page and the "mr" gateway, and MBone Agenda.
  39. HTML Primer from NCSA
  40. About HTTP from the W3 Consortium.
  41. URL primer from NCSA
  42. University of Stuttgart phone book
  43. InterNIC Mostly Gopher information about the Internet.
  44. Gopher list of phone books
  45. LLNL "CSO" phone books from gopher and forms.
  46. Ecash for X-Windows Help from digicash
  47. WWW spiders, robots, etc. from

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