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Computer and Communication links:

The Computer and Communication ENTRY PAGE, (Register), a Cross Reference, a Compendium and pages of: Companies, Internet Conference Calendar, Media, Organizations, Programs and Projects, Standards, and Usenet groups from Webstart Communications, Analog Reports.

Other link pages ( retired):

  1. Google: News, Maps, GMail, Shop, Scholar, Books, Calendar, Translate
  2. Yahoo! (e.g. Games, Reversi, News, Finance, Shopping - Computers, Sports (Giants, Giants official), TV, Local Movies), Recommended.
  3. Wikipedia.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Slashdot.
  6. Crawler Search Engines: Google - MetaCrawler - Altavista - InfoSeek - WebCrawler - Lycos - More - Engines...

Useful General Information and Services (retired):

  1. Personal Directories: Switchboard - American Directory Assistance - DBA People Finder - Ahoy Home page - More...
  2. Business Directories: Yahoo Vicinity and Jed's Vicinity - BigBook - BigYellow - More...
  3. E-mail Directories: Four11 - WhoWhere - Bigfoot - More...
  4. Map any US location with Google Maps - Yahoo Maps (home [Street, MS satellite], MyPoints, directions)
  5. Yahoo Weather (W-US and Loop) - OAK, WSki, Oak - myforecast, doppler, Truckee), Lawrence Hall.
  6. California Highway information
  7. Global, California, and SF Bay Area earthquake information.
  8. Time zone converter, World Time Zone Map.
  9. InterNIC whois database Web interface, Geektools Whois.
  10. ASCII Character codes printout.
  11. Telephone codes lookup facility for country and "area" codes (from AmeriCom).
  12. CIA World Fact Book information about most countries of the world.
  13. US Patent Office patent search, or Delphion Intellectual Property Database
  14. ISOC Natural Language Codes ISO 639 and IETF 1766.
  15. Country codes: IP (top level domains).
  16. US State abbreviations.
  17. Bay Area air quality - spare the air.
  18. Mudcat Cafe - was: Digital Tradition Folk Song Database Great! if you want words to a song. Also Folk Music Home Page.

Other interesting and/or current topic links ( retired):

  1. The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose.
  2. AK&M Analytical Information on the Russian securities market.
  3. Open Society Foundations - was: Soros Foundations Network.
  4. California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, and Natural History Museum.
  5. Olympic Movement The Official Site.
  6. Discovery Channel Online Loads of information and a software catalog.
  7. Science and Technology Review a nice online (Acrobat format) science magazine from LLNL.
  8. Children's Literature Web Guide Index for Children's literature on the Web.
  9. Maximov News, telephone directory, and other information about Russia and the former Soviet Union.
  10. LLNL SPSE Professional organization.

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