Trip to SF with Saraya, March 20, 2005

This page describes some pictures we took while visiting San Francisco with Saraya.

We took a couple "before" pictures such as this one of Saraya and Claire Schneider sitting on our bench and this one of Saraya and Faye with our dogs. We started our travels heading across the Bay on the Bay Bridge. On the way across we stopped at Treasure Island where we took a quick an cool look at the the San Francisco skyline. Here are the girls heading into the Embarcadero where we had dim sum. Afterwards we stopped to drop some pennies into the fountain and then headed into the Hyatt hotel where we took the elevator up to the 27th floor. I also did one of my typical hand stands. After that we went out where I got these shots of the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building.

The girls had a lot of fun running under the fountains in the Embarcadero. Claire Schneider fell in and got all wet. Fortunately it was warm enough at that time for her to dry off. Here is a shot of the girls on top of the fountains and one of them head back toward the car.

We next headed off to Levi Plaza that's under Coit Tower. We visited the hard fountains and the soft fountains where I took these shots of Faye and Saraya sitting above the fountains. The girls also had fun wading in the stream there and rolling down the hill. Of course they had to run up the hill first. Here's one of many videos I took - this one of the girls rolling down the hill.

Next we visited the Palace of Fine Arts thinking we were going to go to the Exploratorium. Unfortunately it was too crowded that late in the day. So we played around some in the grounds like climbing in these trees and posing as statues. Next we went across the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito for some ice cream.

Finally we visited Faye and Claire (and Yvonne)'s old school, Marin Montessori where we saw some of Faye's old work (mask), walked some along the bay shore, picked up some crabs and clams, took a swing in the old tire swing and took some pictures of the school in case Saraya's mom might be interested in them like this one of the garden and this one of the new buildings.