Water skiing pictures with Thula - Fall 2001

Before I get to anything else, here are Thula's high school yearbook pictures for Berkeley High School: block 1 and block 2. Remember that they can also be viewed in larger full sized images with out the "-s", namely as: block 1 and block 2.

Here are a few more images from the two Fall water skiing trips that we took with Thula. First here is a sequence taken while she was first trying to get up on doubles:
First try getting up - close-up
Second try getting up - close-up
Third try getting up - close-up
and that time she made it up - close-up.
and down - close-up.

Later on I got this pretty nice shot of Claire getting ready to knee ski. Here is also a nice shot of Claire, Thula, and Yvonne knee skiing together. There is also a zoomed in version of that shot.

Then here are some shots from the Tahoe water ski trip. First Thula and Claire looking out from the boat. Shortly after a riverboat went by. Then we landed on Wizard's Island. A riverboat when by while we where there also. Of course while there I had to do a Wizard's Island hand stand. Here is also a shot of Claire and Yvonne in a window of the little castle on Wizard's island. Thula didn't climb up to the top, but was content to hang our around the water.

After Wizard's Island and a picnic on the beach we did some water skiing and tubing. Here is a shot of Claire doing a flag on the tube. Later both Claire and Thula got on the tube. Of course Sam and Yvonne and I also went tubing, but we weren't the stars of the show...

After skiing we took this group photograph at Sam's home. The resolution isn't very good, but I also cropped a close-up version of that group photo.

That's all folks!