Desolation Valley area info

I picked up the DeLorme "Topo USA" map series. It seems to be able to produce about anything one can get on a normal Topographic map, and a bit more. Here is the output that I thought most relevant for the Desolation Valley possibility:
  1. 2D map of the area and a proposed route. Note an example option on the south end. On the north end going in or out via Inspiration Point is also possible. In fact, looking at it on the:
  2. 3D map of the area, I think I like the idea of staying on the Cascade Lake side of that little peak. Here is the:
  3. Altitude gain/loss for the drawn route.

I also saved a couple of maps of the Saddlebag lake area:

  1. Saddlebag 3D.
  2. Saddlebag 2D

... and, at Jerry's request, a couple more:

  1. A 50 foot interval topographic view around Mt. Conness to the Southeast.
  2. A wider angle 3-D view looking from the southeast.
  3. a somewhat closer and lower angle 3-D view from the east.