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Sedge Thomson has supplied some initial links to Web content relevant to traffic calming:

  1. From Portland Oregon, the Traffic Calming Home Page with considerable detail and information about some of their advanced work.

  2. From the Bicycle Blueprint for the city of New York here is Chapter 4 on street design for traffic calming.

  3. Here is a database of communities that have recently done street narrowing.

  4. From the BIKE PLAN SOURCE (Tracy-Williams Consulting) here is the Traffic Calming section.

  5. From (an online magazine for car drivers) here is a discussion of Traffic Calming.

  6. Traffic Calming, State of the practice.

  7. From Dom Nozzi (an urban planner) here is In praise of traffic calming

  8. Here is the City of San Francisco's Traffic Calming Report (SAR 97-3 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS REPORT on TRAFFIC CALMING, initiated by Commissioner Leslie Katz).

  9. From the San Francisco Bike Coalition here is their San Francisco Bicycle Plan and specifically its Chapter 7 on Traffic Calming.

  10. In the International Pedestrian Lexicon one can find:

    Traffic Calming: traffic calming - calque of German verkehrsberuhigung. A range of measures that reverse the "improvements" of the past decades that, in the name of safety, have actually resulted simply in greater vehicle speeds (and traffic noise), and the decline in walking and cycling, since higher speeds discriminate against these modes. A process in which lane widths are narrowed, "sight triangles" (which ensure a triangle of visibility for users to see "side traffic") reduced, speed humps used to "jar" drivers exceeding the speed limit, adding entranceways to residential areas, and convering through lanes at the curb to parking.

    Hmmm. I think we are excluding at least speed bumps from our consideration of "traffic calming" measures (due to their negative impact on various people such as disabled drivers, bicyclists, etc.).

  11. On the issue of the impact of traffic calming measures on emergency responce there is this note Re: Traffic Calming Emergency Response Impacts by Todd Litman, Director Victoria Transport Policy Institute.

There are of course many more. If the above isn't enough for you, you might want to look yourself through Google's results from a search on "Traffic Calming".

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